Spectra Watermakers Support

General Tips for 'Inherited' or 'Neglected' Systems

So, you just purchased a boat that has an older Spectra system on board, or perhaps your old Spectra system has sat around for a few years longer than you intended on leaving it for. And now you are asking, "What should I do?".... Spectra systems are robust and quite different from conventional reverse osmosis systems, primarily due to its fixed recovery/energy recovery method. We suggest that anyone using a Spectra system for the first time read the owner's manual for understanding of the e...

Burkert Diversion Valve & Manifold Upgrade Kit

To replace an aging or failing diversion valve on nearly any automated Spectra system manufactured within the past 15-20 years, the preferred and recommended upgrade is to the Burkert valve. This versatile high-quality diversion valve works for both 12/24V control systems and the upgrade kit comes equipped with parts to retrofit to many installs as well as a new product manifold. Included in the design is a manual override button with a twist-lock button for hassle-free operation in manual opera...

Commonly Confused Part Numbers

Shurflo Pump Parts, MPC/Spectra Connect Electronics, Filter/Housing Guide, Clark Pump Kits & More...... Shortcut to Parts Technical Bulletin (https://support.katadyngroup.com/151659-Commonly-Confused-Part-Numbers)